Thursday, September 04, 2008

I'm Glad I'm Not in Politics

And that no one actually reads this blog because I wasn't as a big a fan of The Speech as everyone else. From what I've seen, so far Giuliani has been by far the best speaker of either convention. Even in his pauses and awkward lines made it clear that it was his speech.

Palin's jabs at the Democrats were cute but a little contrived. I'm not convinced that she actually believed them. And the whole business of she likes small towns and special needs children was overplayed. For me, we could look at her or listen to her for 10 seconds and get that already.

This might be down to my own personal preferences. For me the gold standard for attacking the opponents in a convention speech was Zell Miller at Madison Square Garden in 2004, and last night was not that. According to PalinFacts, Death once had a near-Sarah-Palin experience, and I was looking forward to seeing that side of her. We already knew she had the PTA mom angle down cold.

But then, the whole world seems to love The Speech. I'll have to consider this again in a few days and see if the seems the same then as it does now.

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Prior Peter, OSB said...

Hey, you have one faithful reader! But I didn't watch the speech, so your cool appraisal is all I have to go on.

Does your mention of the gold standard portend a rethinking of fiat currency?