Saturday, August 30, 2008

Arsenal 3 - Newcastle 0

I haven't written much about football in a while. Arsenal have had a nervous off-season, and a couple of weeks ago they started to play the games that count. Of those games, Arsenal has lost once and won the rest, but they have yet to look clearly superior to the mediocre opposition they have played so far.

So today's stroll over Newcastle was a big relief. Arsenal showed they could dominate the play and dominate the scoreboard in the same game. The Premier League is all about consistency so one game does not a season make. But this is one that Arsenal needed.

Finally, Emmanuel Eboue, who is not one of my favorite Gunners, made an important offensive contribution by setting up the second goal. This is the first such contribution that I can recall, except where he has dribbled into space on the left hand channel and successfully crossed it to the middle of the box. Hopefully he's no longer a one-trick pony that way.

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