Thursday, April 12, 2007

President Fred

While reading Daniel Larison's response to another post of mine, I chased a few links and saw this:

Enough time has passed since he wrote it that it's not completely fair for me to criticize it, since I have the benefit of a month's worth of hindsight. But leaving that aside, I will anyway.

In fact, I'll see Tom Bevan's third and raise him: if Fred Thompson gets into the race, he'll soon thereafter be the frontrunner and, I'm guessing, have a surprisingly easy path to winning the nomination. Why is this?

I'm glad you asked. Like I wrote yesterday, there's three criteria that GOP voters, if they're smart, have to have to nominate a Presidential candidate. He has to be on the right side on the half-dozen or so dealbreaker issues, he has to be a plausible demographic representative of Republican voters, and he has to have the right temperment and character for the job.

As it looks right now, Fred is the only game in town for the GOP.

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